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We develop first aid products designed to protect the safety and care of people who work with chemicals on a daily basis.

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JRI engineering is a Chilean multidisciplinary engineering company for mining and industrial projects, with more than 40 years of experience. It has offices in Chile and Peru, as well as representations in Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador. It has developed relevant projects in smelters and refineries for Chile and abroad. It has an outstanding group of professionals and associates, which allows it to address projects in smelters and refineries from early stages from early stages, to detailed engineering, EPC and/or EPCM.



The sustainability of process engineering is the top priority at P&P. As a leading provider of innovative waste gas cleaning systems, P&P develops resource-saving industrial solutions for a clean future. P&P is #1 in the world for spent sulfuric acid (H2SO4) regeneration plants. The P&P technology and profitability-oriented processes enable our customers to generate clean, SO2-free air from sulphur-containing waste gases or liquids, resulting in significant cost savings in raw materials and disposal. All of this with the greatest possible reduction of emissions and environmental impact.

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We consult and represent foreign companies in the sales of engineering, equipment, plants and eventually construction (EPC) of projects, as well as engineering of upgrades and spare parts for existing plants, especially in the gas cleaning area – GEA Bischoff, Germany and in the production of industrial gases such as oxygen and nitrogen – Air Products, USA. We stand out in the complete wet gas cleaning chain, with references in all smelters and roasters in Chile (with 100% of the market in wet electrostatic precipitators in sulfuric acid plants since 2001) and we have several references of oxygen plants in the country.

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INVENIO, with 60 years of experience at the service of mining and other industries, has been a supplier of equipment and spare parts that have contributed to the efficiency in the process of mining and industrial development in our country. Among its main lines of business, the manufacture of equipment for handling corrosive flows stands out, applied to a wide range of materials, such as composite materials and ENGINEERING plastics.

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OPSIS AB is a Swedish company specialising in the development, manufacture and marketing of advanced, innovative systems for gas analysis and process control. Our main product uses Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy, DOAS. This is a non- extractive non-contact system and therefor is highly suitable for harsh conditions applications like smelters and acid production. The flexibility of DOAS gives it a wide range of applications. The main ones are the measurement of air quality as well as the continuous measurement of exhaust gases and process control.

Glencore Technology


Glencore Technology develops, markets and supports technology that delivers flowsheet improvements for the real world. Every one of our technologies is proven first. Then it’s made commercially available. For 40 years, we’ve served the global mineral processing, metals smelting and refining industries. We offer a range of specialist services to improve your productivity, availability or maintenance in plant and of course, we supply the spare parts and aftermarket service for all the technologies we develop and provide. Backed by first-hand operational experience in real plants, our specialists and experts can help you get the most out of your flowsheet.



Sagita is a consultancy firm that offers specialized solutions in occupational risk of accidents and emergencies, based on highly efficient equipment and professional advice on the prevention and mitigation of occupational accidents for our clients. With more than 15 years of experience, our professional team will be able to guide in the selection of the appropriate elements according to the risk and branch of each client, support in the implementation, and follow-up to apply improvements in prevention of occupational accidents.



Ingal Engineering is a company with extensive experience as a supplier of chemical and industrial technologies and equipment. We have experience in anti-corrosion, anti-acid and fire-retardant industrial coatings, both in the national market and in South America. In the field of new technologies, INGAL represents manufacturers and developers of technologies for the mining, chemical and industrial industries, which range from early detection of acid leaks, refractory packages for copper furnaces, control and measurement of dusts, measurement systems of environmental emissions, piping for industrial processes or active/passive fire protection systems.

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CRANFOS is a Brazilian technology engineering company that focuses on air and gas treatment, reduction of atmospheric emissions with retention and collection of particulate matter, maintenance services, plant shutdowns, inspections with diagnosis, assembly and startup supervision, engineering basic, gas flow behavior studies (CFD with ANSYS FX tool), supply of spare parts for existing plants, retrofit projects and supply of such equipment, low pressure bag filters, wet and dry electrostatic precipitators, gas desulfurization systems with SOX/NOX abatement, etc.

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AGRU is an Austrian company with 75 years of history, specialist in the engineering and manufacturing of solutions from thermoplastics (HDPE and PP) and fluoropolymers (ECTFE, PVDF, FPA and FEP). With factories around the world and commercial offices and stock in Chile, the company manufactures everything from tubes and connections, to semi-finished products (plates and bars for machining) and concrete protective plates (stud liner). Among the areas of influence are sanitation, petrochemicals, mining and all those industries where high temperatures, chemical concentrations and mechanical stress are the norm.

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SPECTRAL manufactures real-time chemical sensors for applications in the mining industry. Our world-class LIBS technology is efficient and robust for sensing of the elemental composition of raw material streams in your plant. SPECTRAL sensors can be applied remotely on moving material without sample preparation. Many processes need real-time chemical sensing, to lower cost, energy consumption and CO2 footprint, optimize the production process, secure the quality and decrease the down-time by detecting anomalies at an early stage. SPECTRAL works with mining companies to accelerate innovation and promote increased resource efficiency by helping process optimization.

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SUN S.A. is a Chilean company in the chemical area with more than 30 years in the national market, dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to the industry with products and services based on hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide products meet high quality and safety standards, and are marketed in concentrations up to 60% w/w. Our services include advice, technical support, research, development and implementation of innovative solutions. Thanks to a team of specialized professionals, we participate in an agile manner in the complete cycle of solutions: feasibility, laboratory tests, pilots, and productive scaling.

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Metso is a frontrunner in providing sustainable technologies, end-to-end solutions and services for the aggregates, minerals processing and metals refining industries globally. By helping our customers increase their productivity, improve their energy and water efficiency and environmental performance with our process and product expertise, we are the partner for positive change. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Metso employs over 16,000 people in close to 50 countries and sales for 2022 were about EUR 5.3 billion. The company is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki.,

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M&S SPA is a company specialized in the development of multidisciplinary projects for the mining, and national and international Industry. Its focus is to deliver solutions to its clients’ requirements, respond quickly and efficiently and be dynamic and innovative, just as current times demand. The growth of M&S SpA is due to and based on the trust placed by its clients, developing at a very good level its projects of great magnitude and scope, fully complying with the principal objectives set before us; quality, deadlines, costs, safety and sustainability.



EPS WORLD is an international environmental consulting engineering company specializing in industrial electrostatic precipitators and their application in numerous industrial environments, including utilities, sulfuric acid plants, pulp and paper, copper, cement, steel, mining and petrochemical industries. For over 60 years, EPS World has maintained a reputation for providing objective guidance on equipment specification, assembly, commissioning, operation, technical inspections, maintenance and diagnosis of electrostatic precipitators of all brands, configurations and applications.

epas ltda


EPAS LTDA. is a company specializing in inspections, services, repairs and sales of spare parts for sulfuric acid plants. We are present throughout the national market and going abroad. EPAS LTDA. has a long-term vision of the future, where it seeks to provide the customer with reliability, a value proposition, and deliver services and spare parts of the highest level. We highlight punctuality, discipline, loyalty, self-motivation, honesty, respect, solidarity, care and development of people, care and development of methodologies for environment protection.



VERNE is a company that provides equipment, industrial supplies and services mainly focused on mining in Chile, Peru and Colombia. It was created in 2008 to position itself as an agile and efficient alternative to the dynamic requirements of the mining world. To satisfy our customers we have different business units such as mine spare parts, metallurgical process reagents area, wear elements and materials for pyrometallurgy. In this last area, we provide solutions and support by supplying all types of refractories and special parts for Melting, Conversion and Refining unit operations.



We are a company specialized in providing comprehensive and efficient solutions for the mining industry. We have a highly trained and experienced team in various disciplines such as maintenance and industrial cleaning of acid plants and smelters, specialized welding, work in confined spaces and inert environments and with high temperatures, which allows us to offer high quality and adapted services to the needs of our clients. Our services range from project planning and design to its implementation. We always work closely with our clients to understand their challenges and objectives, and provide customized solutions that drive growth and efficiency in their operations. We are proud to have a wide portfolio of satisfied clients and successful projects completed.

Elessent MECS


The MECS® sulfuric acid technology has been used for nearly a century in the phosphate fertilizer, non-ferrous metals, oil refining and general chemical industries. MECS® technologies feature breakthrough solutions, many of which have revolutionized the performance, quality and cost-effectiveness of customer operations. They include MECS® heat recovery systems (HRS™), MECS® SolvR® regenerative SO2 scrubbing and MECS®MAX3™ sulfuric acid production technology. Integrated into these MECS® technologies are proven specialty products such as catalysts, Brink® mist eliminators, DynaWave® scrubbers, ZeCor® corrosion resistant alloy products, and acid coolers. Marketed by Elessent Clean Technologies, the MECS® technology is the world-leading sulfuric acid production technology with more than 1,000 sulfuric acid plant licenses and projects.


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